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When Laundry Day meets Disco-Mermaid Core Energy

I am so grateful to have stumbled across this lovely LPA Revolve sequin set. I have been wanting to add more yellow to my collection and this set was the perfect addition. I found it while out thrifting at Crossroads Trading Co. I've been visualizing drawing a fun sequin set to me and manifesting this set is a bit of a dream come true. It's a beautiful sun colored yellow and the sequins are this fun pink iridescent color.

It's a two piece set that consists of a tank top with a simple clasp in the back and a mini skirt with a cute side slit. I had fun pairing it with these roller skates I discovered at The Billy Studio and they just happened to be my size. What a glorious blessing from the universe. I rotated between styling this look with the roller skates and my Dolls Kill pink platform sandals.

It was so fun to shoot this look with Patrick and play around in this laundromat set at The Billy Studio. It was truly a playground for both of us creatives. I loved squeezing in to the dryer, hopping around on the washers, and chilling in the laundry basket.

I hope you enjoy this disco mermaid core sequin set in the background of such a colorful laundromat as much as we did. Play is so important.

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