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Vintage Everything Everywhere All at Once

Creating a look for this vintage space was so fun. The pale yellow, burnt orange, and muted greens really spoke to me and inspired me to create a look that incorporated all of these colors. I really worked to play into the vintage vibe of the space with a more chaotic energy. I found the chaos in a different shapes I created with my body, the unconventional poses, mis-matched heels, and the double sunglasses look.

When I came across this LPA Revolve dress while thrift thing I fell in love. It’s soft, delicate, and elegant and a lovely shade of yellow. It’s see-through which I love. The ruched bust and silhouette shape is very mesmerizing and sexy. I decided to accessorize this dress with orange and green sunglasses and an orange heeled sandal and a green heeled sandal.

There was so much to play with in this room. From the comfy chairs, to the moody lamp, to the textured rug, to the old playboy magazines, and the record player. The play time in this room was endless. I hope you have as much fun looking at these images as I did shooting them with Patrick.

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