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Channeling Scary Spice in Animal Prints + Neon Colors

This look totally feels like an homage to Scary Spice. She was the Queen of rocking multiple animal prints. I have had this snakeskin skirt for years now. It's one of my favorite pieces in my collection. You can really mix and match it with so many different colors. It's just the prettiest combo of neutral pastel browns.

When creating this look for a spontaneous shoot with the lovely photographer Claudia Hoag I knew I wanted to find something to compliment this neon lime green cropped tank and cardigan. So, funny story. I actually found these pieces on the same day while thrifting. One is from Revolve and the other is from Nordstrom. It's kind of wild that they weren't created together because they really are so perfect with one another. They are both made of the softest comfiest material.

I have been looking high and low for a bottom to compliment this neon green duo when I realized my snakeskin skirt would be perfect. I finished the look with these dreamy snakeskin Zara boots. I haven't donned them in a while so it was fun to take them out for a spin. Shoot out to the Spice Girls and their subconscious influence on my style and this look.

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