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Driving in a Red Dress

I’ve been dreaming of shooting this red organza dress for a while now. It’s such a fun piece. From the puffy sleeves to the voluminous detailed skirt to the bold red color it’s a show stopper. When I saw this vintage car in the space it existed and I knew this dress would be a great partner in crime for it.

It was a ball of fun playing around in the vintage car. Fun fact I still don’t know how to drive. Is this how you drive a car lying on the hood, with one leg out, with your eyes closed? If not I don’t ever want to learn.

I decided to pair this dress with my vintage looking mesh booties with organza faux ruffled socks. I hope you have as much fun looking through these images as I did shooting them. Dreams come true and I’ve been dreaming of worlds colliding between this red dress and an old vintage car.

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