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A Dreamy Denim Room

This denim room in the Billy Studio was a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

It was a collage of denim pieces including jackets, pants, hats, overalls etc. When I came across this denim room online I knew I wanted to go thrift to find some one-of-a-kind denim jeans to complement it. I checked out Crossroads Trading Co. my favorite LA thrift store and stumbled across these baggy wide legged denim dreamboat jeans designed by a Colombian designer Do Over Lab.

I’m normally not a casual or denim gal put these denim dreams are a show stopper and I’m always attracted to those kinds of eye catching pieces. From the white overlay inscription on the jeans to the fun denim extension along the side of the legs these denim jeans are so playful and fun. I thought I’d rotate between pairing it with this denim jacket and my bare bosom to let all the denim details speak for themselves.

These jeans speak for themselves so pairing them with a cute simple crop top is definitely the way to go. You can of course dress them up or dress them down depending on the top you decide to pair them with.

I hope you enjoy this look in this denim room as much as I do.

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