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Selima Smith-Dell is a Black queer actress, artist, creator, and tea lover. Selima Smith-Dell was born in Atlanta, Georgia but grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts where her acting career began at the tender age of 8. She was quite the class clown in elementary school when one day her elementary school teacher, Chris Affleck (Christopher Anne Boldt), mother of Ben and Casey Affleck encouraged her mom to get her involved in acting. And so began her journey. Her first two plays were William Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream where she captured the hearts of many as the mischievous fairy Puck and The Tempest where as a young girl she took on the complex life of an older man, Prospero. It was this beginning that would send her on a beautiful, wild journey in the theater taking acting workshops in her hometown at Wheelock Family Theater to performing in shows at Central Square Theater to starring in commercials and industrial projects with Boston Casting. Throughout all of her training she continued to find herself in many plays from the traditional to the absurd and always lots of Shakespeare to honor her rich beginning.


After high school she enrolled in Boston University’s renowned conservatory theater program where she earned her BFA in Acting. During her time at Boston University she took 6 months to study commedia dell’arte in the breathtaking countryside of Arezzo, Italy. There she learned about physical acting, mask work, and clowning as well as the delicacies of Italian pasta and gelato and the glorious taste of wine from the vineyards. After graduating she signed with Paradigm Talent Agency and a boutique legit agency. Since then she has gone on to perform in the Boston, New York and Los Angeles markets. She has done theater at Broadway’s The Duke Theater and Playwright’s Horizon. She has been in dozens of commercials on social media and nationally run ads for Vistaprint, Verizon, Chipotle, Toyota and the list goes on. She has been featured in magazines including the illustrious Allure Magazine. She has been in TV and Film work that has aired on Investigation Discovery, CNN, NBC, WGBH, Amazon, and Youtube. She has continued her training in workshops with various New York and Los Angeles casting directors.


In 2020 she created her own show called The Quarantine Project, a show about a woman who lives alone during the time of a pandemic and to keep herself from going insane invites friends over to chat about various topics from the political to the mundane. In this series she plays all of the characters morphing in and out of different physicality and speaking in dozens of accents. This level of comedic ability came from the years in New York that she spent time at 30 Rockefeller Center and watched/performed alongside so many brilliant comedians on Saturday Night Live. She was the writer and editor as well for her series The Quarantine Project. The show began on social media but because of its popularity she moved it to Patreon to enable people to subscribe to her channel.


In addition to all her acting work she has also grown her presence in the fashion world. She began fashion blogging back in 2016 and since the birth of her blog has been honored to attend New York Fashion Week as an invited guest amongst New York's fashion elites including America’s Next Top Model judges Miss Jay Alexander, Nigel Barker, and the late great Andre Leon and entertainment icons like Kelly Osbourne and Spike Lee for three years. She has collaborated with numerous brands and shot with so many amazing photographers.


It’s been a wild journey as a creative with all of its glorious ups and downs. She currently resides in Los Angeles but can be a New York, Boston, or Atlanta local hire. 


In her free time when she isn't acting, shooting, or fashion blogging she enjoys painting or drawing, taking a yoga class or meditating, horse back riding, sipping matcha, playing sudoku, doing a Spanish lesson or two on Duolingo or reading one of Buddhist monks Thich Nhat Hahn's books. 

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