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When a Vintage Corset + Feather Mini Skirt Walk into a Bar

This is like my go to theater outfit. Much like everything I’ve been wearing recently this outfit was also thrifted from Crossroads Trading Co. And the most fabulous thing about this look is it’s two separate pieces. The corset is this vintage looking off-white piece with fun silver details. The skirt is one of my favorite new pieces. It’s this lovely white feather miniskirt from Revolve's Lovers + Friends. Together these two pieces are a match made in heaven. A true delight.

I decided to accessorize this look with mesh pearl gloves and a fur sandal with a kitten heel.The simple Cyclorama Background was perfect for this vintage meets modern look. I have worn this a couple times to the theater and it’s definitely gotten quite a few admiring glances and doting compliments. It’s a fun sexy coy look. And the best thing about this look is they’re two separate pieces so you can mix and match with other items in your closet.

Hope you enjoy this vintage meets modern look as much as I do.

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