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Shades of Teal: What Came First? The Outfit or the Studio Set?

This studio in Downtown LA was a dream. Patrick, the photographer and I really stumbled upon a gem. It's this cinematic set in shades of teal. I absolutely loved the interior design of the space. From the velvet couch to the textured wall and fluffy carpet to the vintage telephone and unique looking lamps this set is a hit. There is so much texture and dimension to the space.

This is one of the first times that I have seen a space that has inspired an outfit. Usually the inspiration for the outfit comes first. But the various shades of teal really were speaking to me and immediately made me think of this dress that you seen in the images. I purchased this dress years ago and knew one day it would have its moment to shine. I have that feeling a lot about pieces I see that are unique and different. I am attracted to them and know at a future moment in time it will make sense for me to wear the look. Or sometimes I have half of a look and it takes years for me to find it's match but when it comes together it's so magical. This was the case for this pink, teal, and orange asymmetrical pleated dress that came with a teal half blazer. When I saw the set I thought of the blazer. And then everything else fell in line. I would pair it with fun orange heels to bring a it more color to the sea of teal.

So I have to pause for a moment and go back to this blazer. I had never before seen such a work of art. A half blazer. What a fabulous idea. Not super practical but it looks so cool. This whole look with the outfit and set is giving me 70s vibes. The actress in me felt at home in this set. I could create a whole character. I was stepping into a film or tv show. It was a blast of a time and I am so grateful for a moment to create and be inspired by color, interior design and fashion.

All photos are by photographer Patrick Rivera. Thanks for stopping by. See you again soon.

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