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Saying "Hi Barbie" to the Barbie Core Aesthetic

When I heard the term Barbie Core I immediately felt like that term summed up this whole photoshoot moment. I look at this outfit and it screams out Barbie Core from the rooftops. I look at this set and it belts out Barbie Core in a melodramatic tune from the pulpit on a Sunday morning. I absolutely adored this blush comfy couch. I have one just like it in my home. The luxurious velvety curtains are so elegant. And the two tear bookcase and blue and pink eye painting are such a lovely modern addition to this blush pink set. The eye artwork is giving me third eye vibes which I love.

Patrick's a master of placing props in the perfect position to compliment the storytelling of an overall image. We had a lot of fun bopping around from the couch to the bookcase capturing this look.

I got this fabulous Madeleine Simon pink organza dress while thrifting. This was one of the first pieces I discovered on my first big day back thrifting in effort to recommit to sustainable fashion. And of course I took that as a sign. I'm obsessed with the light pink see through sleeves and the hot pink zippers at the wrist. I am a whore for a fun sleeve. It's like the first thing I look for when looking for pieces to add to my collection. I am also a fan of the more comfy fit of this dress. It isn't form fitting, it just sits pretty on my frame and I rather enjoy that. I decided to dust off my platform Dolls Kill pink sandals to bring more height to the look. I finished the look by accessorizing with my favorite Dolls Kill telephone purse. This bag is always a hit. It's attracted so many fabulous creative types and free spirited folks to me while out and about.

You can never have enough pink in your closet. Who else is looking forward to the Barbie movie? Well this is me imagining I live in that world.

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