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Pride Month: Loving Who I See in the Mirror

The green set was a bit more minimal. There's a fun tea green arch in the middle of an emerald colored wall. I've really been attracted to the color green lately. My ex and one of my best friends favorite colors are green and I think their love of the color has rubbed off on me. Green is the color of so much of Mother Earth. When I see the color green it reminds me to breathe deeply and to bathe in the healing energy of nature. I think what I was most drawn to in this set was the big beautiful gold framed mirror. I've been wanting to create mirror images for a while and have been manifesting this moment. I've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to mirror images that inspire me. When picking this studio I totally didn't even notice the mirror but when we moved to the green set to take photos it was all I could see.

I think the mirror really speaks to me at this time in my life because it's a physical representation of reflection. I have been reflecting so much this month on self love and pride for who I am as a pansexual woman. Honestly most of this year has been about really finding a deep unconditional love for every part of myself and this month the focus has been on loving the queer part of myself. I am grateful that for the first time ever I am celebrating pride month as a queer person who finally loves who she is seeing in the mirror. I have to say it’s been quite the journey to get to a place where I feel deep unconditional love and grace for all parts of myself. I’ve known that I am pansexual (the term didn’t exist when I was a kid) since I was 7 or 8 years old but didn’t exist in a safe enough space to come out. My mom was a minister, my grandparents were pastors and I existed in a very Christian and religious family. A lot of my journey of self love and acceptance has been about undoing beliefs about myself and other queer folks instilled in me as a child. So it is with a heart of gratitude that I am here today and finally able to live in the fullness of my truth as a pansexual woman and accept and love all of me and these photos feel very symbolic of this journey.

I am wearing this two tone green dress that appears to be a skirt and top duo. I am obsessed with big billowy sleeves. The more dramatic the sleeve the more I am in love with it. The top of the dress is velvet and the bottom is satin. I decided to complete the look with my Steve Madden rainbow platform heels in celebration of my queerness and Pride month. I am so happy to be queer and so abundantly grateful for all those who have come before me that make my life and existence possible. Special shoutout to Marsha P. Johnson, a Black trans icon who I just so happen to share a birthday with.

All Photos are by photographer, Patrick Rivera.


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