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Part IV: An Ode to Black Queens

Cheers to the last post of this wonderful photo series Olivia and I created together. Just a quick bit about the dress before displaying the full poem I wrote in honor of this photo series. This beautiful dress reminds me of Queendom. It's royal and full bodied. It's elegant with power and status. It's also my go to dress to wear to weddings and to the opera if I go again soon. It's a show stopper. I have had folks quite literally stop me in the streets when wearing this dress and been showered with so many compliments. It was lovely to be able to shoot it with Olivia. Without further ado below is my poem + behind the scenes footage of our shoot to round everything out. Hope you've enjoyed the journey of this photo series as I have.

This is an ode to Black Princesses. We are ethereal. We are elegant. We are beauty. We are grace.

This is an ode to every magical Black winged Fairy floating through their earthly existence lighting up the world with their luminescence.

This is an ode to Black Warrior Women. To women fighters and the fighter that lives within us all.

This is an ode to all Black Women and the moments we spend sipping hot tea and spilling tea about tales of near and far.

To Black Women's grace, elegance, magic, etherealness, other worldliness, strength, stamina, vulnerability, beauty and so much more.

When I speak of Black Women I speak of Black girls and all of our beautiful Black babies.

To all who lived before. To all who are currently living. And to all who have yet to live.

To all of you I dedicate this series of photos in collaboration with Olivia.

I am you and you are me and together we are we.

I sing a song of mystic, potions and magic. A song of fairytales and other worlds. A song where we exist as one with nature. Where we are safe. Where we are appreciated. Where we can exist in the fullness of who we are. Where we are loved. Where we are home.

I sing a song of healing, belonging and empowerment that tells of a world where we are valued, honored, and respected.

To all Black princesses, witches, wizards, fairies, and warriors. This is for you. I see you. I am you. You are me.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey. I'll see you again soon for another journey. Be well till then my fairies, princess, queens, and magical beings.

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