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Palm Springs: A Colorful Door Tour, Sherman's Deli and A Giant Marilyn Monroe Statue

Alexis and I headed to Palm Springs to spend the day there. We’ve both been dying to have a proper Palm Springs Day. Alexis is one of my favorite adventure buddies. We’ve done numerous trips to Joshua Tree and Big Bear. We arrived in Palm Springs around 2pm.

The first thing we did was grab lunch as we were both famished. We stopped at Sherman’s Deli, one of the famous local delis there. Sherman’s Deli was owned by Sherman Harris who in his time on the planet owned 5 restaurants/delicatessens in Palm Springs. His restaurants were frequent hangouts to the stars including Frank Sinatra, Rita Hayworth, Bob Hope, and Keely Smith amongst many others. We sat down on the outdoor patio to enjoy the beautiful sun in a shady area. I ordered a turkey burger and Alexis ordered a pastrami sandwich. The turkey burger was divine and very fresh. I felt like I was eating a home cooked meal. I didn’t try Alexis’s sandwich, but she kept raving about how delicious it was. I was really hoping to have a meal that was farm to table or had a home cooked, fresh feeling to it and Sherman’s Deli was just that.

After our bellies were satisfied, we went on the illustrious door tour in Palm Springs that I am sure you have all heard about and if not, I’ll tell you all about it. Palm Springs is known for its beautiful architecture and modern colorful flare when it comes to doors. I had done a bit of research and got the exact addresses to some of the famous colorful doors, so we plugged the first one in (to the well-known pink door) and headed straight there. The home that the pink door belongs to is in the illustrious Indian Canyons Neighborhood. If you are looking to snap some photos and admire a sea of colorful doors and not looking to explore too many neighborhoods the Indian Canyons Neighborhood is the one to check out.

Below you’ll see a splattering of photos of some of the doors we came across as well as some of the doors that are in the neighborhood and elsewhere that are notable. What’s so wonderful about this neighborhood is its unobstructed views of the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains, its stunning palm trees, and its mid century modern homes with Spanish tiled roofs. There is so much beauty in the simplicity of the architectural genius of the homes in this neighborhood. We were respectful of the neighborhood when snapping photos and stayed on the sidewalks and streets to respect people’s homes. You’re not able to take photos in front of the pink door anymore which totally makes sense. It is someone’s home that has been completely inundated with bloggers and tourists taking pictures. It makes sense that they would desire privacy and peace in their sanctuary. I’d feel the same.

After having many fun moments in this lovely neighborhood Alexis and I stopped by the cutest little coffee shop called Ernest Coffee. It is part of a fun looking Tiki Bar called the Bootlegger Tiki Palm Springs. She got their house iced matcha latte and I grabbed their daily special almond matcha latte with oat milk. The matcha’s were delectable and strong. After enjoying some quiet moments in the café, we made our way to two thrift shops, Revivals and Bazar but both had already closed. A reason to come back for sure. We did some window shopping at Bazar, and they looked like they had some great finds there. Both of us are big thrifters. For a while all I did was thrift as some of you loyal readers know.

After our brief moments of window shopping, we decided to close out our Palm Springs Day trip with visiting the famous Marilyn Monroe Statue. We checked out the statue and some of the surrounding art exhibits that were part of the outdoor display at the Art Museum.

So, for the fashion portion of the post. I decided to wear this lavender tulle dress. It felt so appropriate for the Palm Springs flowy upscale energy. The bra top is sexy, and the length of the skirt is elegant, and the lavender color is graceful. I paired it with purple sunnies and my snakeskin knee high boots that I haven’t worn in over four years. The dress felt like the perfect moment to bring these seductive, fun shoes out for a spin. The shoes are a pop of snakeskin in a sea of lavender.

I hope you enjoyed my look and this door tour. It was a lovely little first trip to Palm Springs, and I can’t wait to go back again.

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