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It May Be The Last Bookstore but It Won't Be My Last Time There

The Last Bookstore has been on my list of places to visit for quite some time. Especially after watching the Harry Potter series for the first time recently. I wasn't allowed to read the books growing up because the church banned the movies saying they were witchcraft. Well, there is no time like the present. I sat down and binged the movies over the course of a couple days. And boy, did my world change as a result. Everything made so much more sense. I am a such a witchy, earth loving, tree hugging human and my best friend, Evan in the world is a magician. As a result of watching the Harry Potter series, I found myself even more drawn to magic and to be honest, I'm not convinced that The Last Bookstore isn't an entry into Hogwarts.

I am a huge fan of books. I grew up without a television so books were my everything as a child and teenager. They were my entertainment and an endless source of imagination and adventure. In a summer alone I would read 100 books. My family were frequent library dwellers. We were so involved in the Cambridge Public libraries activities. I remember spending hours and hours at the library, participating in reading competitions and partaking in raffles. When we weren't reading books we were listening to them on tape. My first introduction to The Lord of the Rings series was listening to it on tape and getting so lost in that mystical, mysterious, wondrous world. So when a friend told me about the Last Bookstore I kind of lost it.

I met my best friend, Evan there around 11:30am. The bookstore opens at 11am. We were both famished and kept hearing rumors of a yummy cafe on top of the bookstore to grab food. We were at the bookstore for all of like 5 minutes before leaving to grab a bite to eat at the cafe. Spring Street Cafe is located in the same building as the bookstore. There is just a different entrance to the cafe around the corner. Evan grabbed a yummy chicken panini, chips, and a delicious looking salad. To drink he had a heavenly cookie butter latte. I was more in a brunch mood so I grabbed the brunch plate that consisted of scrambled eggs, fruit or a salad ( I got both!), toast, and breakfast potatoes. To drink I had my signature matcha latte. The food was fresh and scrumptious and our tummies were more than satisfied. We were now in a place to fully enjoy The Last Bookstore. They had an antique book section with books dated back to the 1800s. They had an anime and comic book section in addition to all your traditional young adult, children, modern, self help etc. sections. On top of all the books they had a record and CD section as well. And you all know I go crazy for a dope record selection.

The decor of floating books and the book tunnel were an eye catching design statement. The decor was honestly my favorite part and I'm a book girl so that is saying a lot.

Now for the fashion portion of the post. What did I wear? I was really feeling like having a flower crown moment that day so of course I went for it. I paired my flower crown with this elegant white organza dress with beautiful flower details. I accessorized with my signature sea shell purse. The gold rim of the purse and pearl handle complemented the pearl detail on the dress. I finished the look with my asymmetrical green heeled sandals.

We were able to spend an hour or so there browsing and picking up some goodies to go. I had to head to therapy and Evan had to go to the airport so we didn't have a ton of time there. This visit was a great introduction to the bookstore and I can't wait for my second visit. Perhaps next time I'll spend the day there?

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