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El Matador Beach: Sexy Malibu Waves + A Romantic Pink Moon

Updated: May 20, 2023

El Matador Beach is truly a slice of Heaven on Earth. It is located in the heart of Malibu. It is hands down my favorite beach in Los Angeles and I'm a west side girl so I have access to some of the best beaches LA has to offer. If you're like me and you're an avid reader of Vogue and other fashion magazines you've probably seen pictures of this picturesque beach full of iconic rock structures and breathtaking oceanic waves while flipping through magazines. It's the backdrop to many magazine fashion campaigns. This trip I found myself at El Matador Beach with my college friend, Cait (, who is a photographer that doubles as a director and producer. We met up to take some pictures together at the illustrious beach. We arrived around 4:30 to 5pm to have a couple hours to explore and shoot before the magical golden hour and sunset. We caught a bit of traffic but that was to be expected with the time we were on the road. However, parking was such a breeze.

Now I definitely suggest you bring some comfortable walking shoes because the path to the beach is a steep rocky dirt pathway with a couple set of staircases. Of course I was wearing heels because that's my modus operandi and I am naughty like that but I 100% suggest wearing or bringing a pair of sneakers for the trip down and back up. The views from the pathway are absolutely gorgeous. You have to take a moment to stop and just breathe it all in. It's unreal how the skyline and the mountains kiss the pretty ocean. Once you reach the beach it's this lovely mix of sand, waves, and small and big rock structures. The beach is sprinkled with seagulls here and there. I have never been to this beach and not seen at least three shoots happening simultaneously. And this day Cait and I were another set of creatives looking to capture Mother Earth in all her wild glory. We bopped around from rock structure to rock structure snapping photos here and there on Cait's digital camera and her film camera. It was a blast. We stayed through the golden hour and caught such a wonderfully pink and orange sunset. We gazed at the pink moon that painted the sky, a rare moon sighting. It was honestly one of the most beautiful moons I've seen. And I go so hard for the moon. I prefer it to the sun. It was such a lovely moment in Malibu. A moment that musicians write songs about.

I'm such a color Queen but Cait wanted me to wear this Black feather dress that almost gives off the illusion of being a coat or robe. It's a fun piece. I have it in white too. It's warm and cozy and a fun contrast to the light beige color of the sand and rocks. I decided to pair the dress with my bare feet. Of course. Cait and I wanted to also play with some simple colorful makeup and blue and purple eyeliner. All in all it was a beautiful moment in time and I highly suggest you check out El Matador Beach to snap some photos or to sit on the beach with a couple of pals or your lover and enjoy a little picnic. It's sure to be a wave of a time.

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