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An Intergalactic Warrior Princess in Joshua Tree

Hey there friends. It's been a while since we last chatted with one another.

I took a lovely trip to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California just two hours away from Los Angeles. What a beautiful gift it is to live so close to the desert. If you haven't been to Joshua Tree you absolutely must. It's truly like being in Mars. In fact the intergalactic feel of Joshua Tree inspired these two Dolls Kill looks I shot.

Joshua Tree is the perfect photo op spot for all of you fashion and travel bloggers out there but it is also a great place to camp, hike, and rock climb. If you lean more towards glamping like me there are so many wonderful Airbnbs you can stay at for a night or a few nights in Joshua Tree or in the surrounding towns. My first experience in Joshua Tree I stayed at a cozy Airbnb with two friends. We climbed the rock structures all day, watched the sunset, sat and gazed at the expansive sky full of stars, and I fell asleep in a hammock. It was an epic and relaxing trip. It's one of my favorite getaway spots in California.

So funny story. I was watching the most recent episode of Kenya Barris's "Grownish" on Hulu and Yara Shahidi's character "Zoey" appeared on the screen in the the most fabulous outfit. She was wearing a magical holographic overall dress with a rainbow net crop top and neon biker shorts and I completely melted in two. I paused the show immediately and searched "holographic jumper" on google and it directed me to Dolls Kill (a retailer I had never purchased anything from before). Dolls Kill no longer had the exact holographic overall dress that Yara was wearing in the show but they had two other really fun overall dresses with holographic details including the one I am wearing in the pictures. And so began my love affair with Dolls Kill.

Not only do I love the see through nature of the overall dress but also I've really been getting into wearing more variations of blue so the color was perfect. I added it to my cart and then began searching for a two piece underwear set to wear under the dress and came across this perfect pink velvet set. Afterwards for shits and giggles I searched hologram in the search bar and came across this bustier and mini skirt set. And when I say I died and came back to life I am not joking. This set gives off this wonderful galactic warrior princess vibe. I feel so powerful in it. I feel like the superhero of my wildest dreams. I put the set into my cart and didn't look back. The set is so flattering and it reflects so beautifully in the sun and was a great juxtaposition to the brown tones of the rocks and desert vibes in Joshua Tree.

I knew I wanted to pair the looks with a platform shoe and Dolls Kill truly has the most epic platforms on the planet. I came across these platform sandals and knew it was a match made in heaven. They looked heavenly with both looks. And let me tell you these sandals are so goddamn comfortable. I wore them all day in Joshua Tree. I wouldn't advise climbing rocks in them like I did but they were so unbelievably comfortable to just walk around in.

I have been thinking so much about Burning Man since this photoshoot and these looks. Burning Man attracts the most illustrious, epic fashion looks. These two looks will definitely be coming with me to Burning Man when I go.

What do you think of the look?

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