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How Thrifting Led me to Adopting a Plant Based Diet

There is energy in everything. From the clothes that we wear to the food that we consume to the spaces that we occupy to the people that we surround ourselves with. I’m learning to be more intentional about making sure I feed my soul with the best possible energy. It's wild how my interest in thrifting led me to being more conscious and interested solely in sustainable fashion options. That then led me into being more environmentally conscious and aware of my individual carbon footprint. Which then made me aware of the possibility of living a zero waste life style that I have since adopted little by little to the best of my ability. It only makes sense that the next step in this natural progression would be to adopting a plant based lifestyle. The trickle down effect is real y’all and LA is such a wonderfully environmentally conscious place and I am so happy to call it my home.

I want to take a moment to talk about the two dresses you see in these photos and then I want to dive a bit deeper into why I switched to a plant based lifestyle and how I feel being an environmentally friendly human on this planet. Olivia, Kendall and I shot these dresses in a cemetery in Rochester, New York. I am wearing a peach lace long gown and Kendall is wearing a blue gown with a hint of lilac. Both dresses are owned by Kendall. She picked them up on her thrifting journey. We were attracted to how the dresses complemented one another both in color and structure and in conjunction seemed to give off a rather eery vibe. We came across an incredibly beautiful cemetery and decided to shoot there. There was some spooky and enlightening about the whole experience. There is nothing like death to remind you of the beauty and sacredness of life.

Why did I become a vegetarian you may ask? As most of you know I’m an actress and blogger but also I have a couple side hustles. I work at a restaurant that has these huge tanks that they keep king crabs, lobsters, and various fish other fish in. At first I saw these tanks as a novelty. They didn’t bother me at first but after a few months working there it started to really get to me that I’d see the crab in the tank and then see it on someone’s plate. The immediacy of tank to table really started to effect me. I’d never really been or seen the animals or seafood I ate take its last moments. Being an empath it started to really effect my emotional state. I could feel the fear and pain of each creature as it was taken to its death bed and so I decided I personally didn’t want to be apart of that process for any living creature. I started to think deeper about the food I was consuming considering it’s living conditions and how it was treated while it was alive. The more research I do the more I feel like a plant based diet is for me. I went cold turkey. One day I woke up and decided that from today on I am going to be a vegetarian. I have practiced veganism in the past while method acting for a role in a play so it wasn't too foreign of a lifestyle for me. I’m really enjoying it so far. I feel much lighter. My meals are more colorful and I am experiencing the range of food that exists out there. I feel more effected by the earth and energy around me.

It’s wild how not eating meat or seafood has effected my relationship with animals, creatures, and insects. I can’t even kill a fly. If an insect isn’t interfering with my well being then I let it live. If it’s somewhere that I don’t desire it to be, like my apartment I gently remove it outside. I used to squash the little buggers but I can’t anymore and don’t want to. They have life just like you and I and who am I to determine that today is meant to be it’s last day. Anyways, after switching to being a vegetarian my relationship to animals have changed. I see myself more as an equal to all animals. After all we as humans are animals. There is so much we can learn from one another as species.

I know this post was more about the environment and my new plant based diet but it's interesting to see how thrifting has led me on this whole new journey of becoming an ally of saving our beautiful sweet earth.

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