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Avavav Firenze: A Sustainable Luxury Brand

Collaborating with Avavav Firenze is truly a dream come true. I am in absolute love with this fabulous Scandinavian designed and Italian produced brand. They are a lush high end brand committed to sustainable fashion. What could be better than that? The designers of Avavav, Adam and Linda are the brilliant minds behind other brands we all know and love including Cheap Monday, Monki, and Weekday.

Are you someone that loves wearing show stopping garments that are ethically made? Well, guess what? Avavav is the brand for you if you live a life of luxury yet still are conscious like me. Avavav releases pieces on a weekly basis using only fabrics that are easily accessible. I had no idea before coming across Avavav and their unique approach to design that there was a season for certain fabrics like there is for fruits and vegetables. Imagine that. Just like it's important to eat food while it's in season the same is true for fabrics and that is why Avavav decided to create new pieces with the fabrics that are readily available to them. From the materials that are available to them they use only the most luxurious textiles.

Not only do they release new looks weekly using fabrics that are easily accessible, but also they make an effort to work solely with local Florence artisans. They limit production to only what is necessary. The fashion industry has a lot of surplus that is unnecessary. They have locations in Florence and Stockholm with their main location being in Florence. Anyone that knows me knows I adore Italy. I studied acting, Commedia Dell' Arte, and mask work for half a year there a few years back fell in love with the culture, food, and people. I was so eager to discover that this fabulous brand was located in Florence a place I frequented on occasion while living on the country side of Arezzo.

Enough about why I love this amazing sustainable brand and more about the actual dress. It is 100% silk. It's a surprisingly thick material however it still remains light and airy. Sounds a bit like an oxymoron but it has the magic power of being light but thick making it a great piece for any season. It has the most delicate high neck collar with dainty round buttons. It has a full ruffle bottom that blows in the wind and is so fun to spin around in. The ruffle bottom with the ruffle sleeves makes this dress the epitome of posh elegance.

I decided to pair this pink and white striped dress with a real lollipop accessory from Dylans Candy Bar, Kent Stetson donut purse and Steve Madden tan pumps with a sexy glass heel. When I showed my best friend, Evan a picture of the dress he said it reminded him of a candy wrapper so when I set out to shoot with the amazing Leah I decided to play that up and use all my favorite sweets as props. I brought out my favorite donut bag and took a trip to Dylans Candy Bar and a local gelato shop.

You have to check out Avavav for all your luxury dress, pant, and top needs. If you're in need of more ruffles and puffy sleeves you have come to the right place. Your options are heavenly. I will definitely be wearing this dress to fashion week.

Photography by Leah Bognanni

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