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Support The Girls: My Journey In Finding 2019's Comfiest Bra

This post is dedicated to True and Co, a lingerie brand that is designed and created by women for women. I have True and Co to thank for sending me the bras of my dreams that is TRUE-ly comfortable. Women really do it best.

When a True and Co representative reached out to me for a collaboration for lingerie I was excited. To be frank with you all ever since the recent-ish movement to free the nipple I have pretty much forgone wearing bras. That and no bras were comfortable for me post my lung collapse surgery. I want to give you a bit more background on me and dive a bit deeper into my recent past with bras. For the past two years as my body has been healing from my pneumothorax (surgery I had after my lung collapsed) I have been struggling to find a bra that doesn’t hurt or bother those tender parts of my body around my breast and upper back that were operated on. For the most part I have been wearing sports bras, no bras, or bras that have been rather irritable and sometimes painful. What can I say? I’m a huge fan of push up bras and bras with wiring. I didn’t think too much about this until now but it’s making me emotional that I have finally found a brand of bras that feels completely comfortable WITH wiring post my surgery. It seems like a small victory but thinking about how much of our lives we spend wearing bras this is really a huge victory. Thanks True and Co for changing my world.

As I went to the True and Co website I was ecstatic to discover that this brand was founded by an amazing woman and run mainly by women. I took my time taking the quiz they have designed to determine your three perfect bras for your unique shape. I felt special doing a questionnaire specifically geared to helping me find the perfect bras for me.

Some of the questions in the quiz include:

  1. How are your shoulder straps?

  2. What is your shape? Well rounded, bottom happy, etc.

  3. Cup Check: How do your breasts fit in your bra i.e. range from shallow to busting

  4. Do you like padding? What colors you like to wear?

  5. How does your band fit?

  6. How does the center part of your bra fit?

After I completed the quiz I was sent three amazing pieces. This grey lace bra was the first and the wireless brown one was the second. They also sent me a matching brown thong.

The wiring in the grey bra is comfortable and it doesn’t dig into my skin like bras in the past with wiring have. Yet it manages to hold my girls in place while still feeling light and breathable. It's such a comfortable bra!

The brown bra truly feels like a second skin. I kid you not, the first two weeks after receiving the brown bra I wore it for two straight weeks. Do you know Tobias Funke from “Arrested Development” who is a never nude and wears his jean shorts always? Well that was me for a while after receiving this comfy bra. Not only does it feel like a second skin but it also is invisible under your clothes. I can't tell you how many times you could see the lining of my bras under what I was wearing. It's nice to not have to worry about that with this bra. It's incredibly supportive and has the perfect amount of padding. The material is soft. The pads are removable if you're someone who doesn't need the extra padding and it comes in a range of styles.

If you too are looking for a comfortable bra I totally suggest you go and take their quiz designed for you to determine the three styles best suited for you. Don’t forget to use my discount at the check out, TRUEIG15, for 15% off your entire order.

For those of you who are interested in where I picked up the set, I picked it up from Lululemon Lab. Did you know Lululemon has a sister store called Lululemon Lab? I didn’t either until I discovered this gem of a set and fell in love. The skirt can work casually but also translates into a day time work look paired with the right collared top. The jacket is cropped and structured in the back so that you can see the hemline of the skirt. I have to say I’ve never seen a jacket quite like it. The jacket also has the most delicate elbow peek-a-boo holes. I have to say I really love the Lululemon Lab collection but more than that I love the mission of the company. Lululemon lab is literally a lab aka design concept store with locations in Vancouver and New York where designers gather to create unique pieces. Isn’t that so cool? It’s a store for both the designer and the consumer. You know what else I love about their lab? The collections are produced in limited qualities and are the designers reactions to the surrounding city. Producing limited quantities makes this a more eco friendly brand as mass production is really a problem in the fashion industry. I just love how collaborative this concept is and how much it fosters the creativity of the designer. You have to check them out if you are ever in one of these cities!

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