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Lady Capulet: A Dedication to Sustainable Fashion

I have been thinking a lot about my blog's niche and what I want to continue to explore in future posts. I have a deep love for fashion. My relationship with clothing is like a love affair. As an actress and blogger I have always loved pursuing creativity while still managing to find a deeper meaning in it all. As I sat thinking about brands and designers I love and want to collaborate with I discovered my passion for fashion lies within sustainable fashion. I have talked many times about my love for thrifting. Not only is it cost efficient but it helps us all to lessen our carbon footprint. I want to continue to explore on my blog my journey with thrifting and collaborating with brands that carefully select the material their pieces are made out of. I also want to support more female designers, queer designers, and designers of color. So I'm excited to share more of that with you all.

I picked up this Capulet dress at Crossroads Trading Co. Capulet is a brand that encourages the multi-faceted nature that exists in us all. I love the vintage charm of this dress and a lot of their pieces. From the material of the fabric that was produced fairly and ethnically to the sophisticated nature of the dress it has it all. I paired the dress with my vintage inspired lace up Zara boots and leather Dolce and Gabbana belt. I'm so excited to embark more fully on this journey of being more eco conscious and continuing to explore more sustainable fashion options. What are your favorite sustainable fashion designer and thrift shops? I'd love to hear from you about your favorite thrift and vintage shops or sustainable clothing brands you love.

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