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A Day Outside the Castle Walls

Today marks the last day of my third week living in Los Angeles and I am still very much in love. One thing I have learned is that there are endless places to shoot in Los Angeles. It's full of color and nature and makes any look pop. This week I have my first audition and am feeling more settled in my neighborhood. I have begun a new fitness routine and practice clean eating on a daily basis. There's nothing like a move to encourage a better lifestyle and that's what this move is proving to do for me.

Enough about LA, you're here to learn more about this look. Welcome back to the story of two princesses on a journey. These 1970s dresses can be found on Albertine's Colwell's rack at The Op Shop. Olivia, Kendall and I knew almost immediately that these dresses were meant to be together. The turquoise and yellow against the backdrop of the forest browns and greens was magical. When Kendall and I were frolicking around in the arboretum in Rochester I taken to the dream land of my imagination. We were princesses out on our weekly adventure outside of the castle walls. This forest is one of our favorite getaways and one of the rare moments where we aren't under the watch of our parents and the people our parents govern. We can be totally free. We can run, scream (we wouldn't dare speak too loudly in the castle), dance, climb trees (something that is forbidden), and roll around in the dirt. Days out in the forest are some of our favorite days. We often pretend we are different characters and put on silly voices. It's really quite a magical time. Stay tuned for more on our adventures in this modern day fairytale of photos and looks.

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