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Peachy Princesses

Hey there friends. It has been a while since I have spoken to you all and I have so many exciting things to announce and share with you. I have relocated to Los Angeles and am living in a beautiful new home near the beach. I am soaking in the sun, creating a cozy home for myself, seeing all of my favorite people, and adjusting to the West coast. As an East coast girl through and through I have to admit the West coast is the best coast and that means a lot coming from me. I grew up in beautiful, intelligent Cambridge, MA and just spent the last five years of my life in the illustrious New York City. But there is something about the energy in Los Angeles that is positive and infectious in the best way. I am so love already and can't wait to discover the wild adventure that living here is going to be.

I have collaborated again with my favorite photographer, Olivia Rose Edvalson and the amazing Op Shop, a vintage shop in Rochester, New York. This time time however, we also collaborated with an amazing artist, and fellow model Kendall deBoer. We created a ton of different looks that I will be sharing with you over the next couple of months. I have to say it was an absolute delight working with Kendall and Olivia. Totally a dream come true. These two ladies are some of the most talented, positive, intelligent women I know. We all have a background in theater so it is no surprise to me that all the looks we created tell their own fantastical story. They all have a vintage, fairytale vibe. I was sitting going through all the magical photos when I was inspired to create a fairytale of the characters I inevitably felt while wearing the pieces in beautiful locations around upstate New York.

When I think of this look and shooting in the arboretum I am struck by how light and princess like these beautiful gowns are. Both of these amazing gowns are from The Op Shop from the amazing vendor, Videre Vintage. The white lace up boots are from Zara. While shooting in these extraordinary gowns I felt so naive, innocent, and childlike. I was enthralled by the smell of the flowers, the way the breeze hit me sending chills up my spine, and how the sun warmed my skin. All was right in the world. I didn't have a care in the world. As my imagination ran wild I imagined me and Kendall were sisters. We were doing our daily adventure in the castle garden. Laughing about our lessons with our instructor hours before and frolicking around admiring all the little critters below and birds above us. This was a time in our life full of joy, naivety and happiness before responsibility and adulthood crept in. What do these gowns and photos make you feel? What story do they inspire in your imagination?

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