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One with the Ecosystem & Polka Dots

I shot this fairytale look on a private beach in Malibu, California. As I breathed in the air I imagined my lungs were trees and the water was my circulation. I felt the sand in my toes and observed the beauty of the waves crashing in the distance. I allowed nature to flow through me and inform me. I have really fallen in love with this one Deepak Chopra wisdom affirmation that has made me feel more at one with nature. It is so magical and empowering to accept that everything that makes up the universe also exists within me and you.. We are each mini universes. Repeating Deepak's affirmations makes me feel more connected to this truth. I put a picture of it below for you if you want to feel more connected to the earth, your soul, and the wisdom that exists in all of us and our wonderful universe.

I picked up this Delphine the Label dress at Crossroads Trading Co. during one of my weekly trips. I knew immediately when I saw it I had to make it mine. I fell in love the moment I tried it on. From the polka dot details, to the flirty length, to the corset bustier it is the dress of my dreams. I decided to pair it with my lace up ballet heels from Intentionally Blank. As I shared in my last post I've been playing a lot with make up. For this look I wanted to play with brown tones. I started with a nice highlight and contour using Too Faced Cocoa Contour Chiseled to Perfection Palette. I supplemented my favorite Benefit Dandelion Twinkle highlight for the Too Faced highlight. I love the shimmer and shine of the Benefit highlight. The lipstick is my favorite nude lip "Nude La La" from Mented Cosmetics. It's brown and creamy. I finished the look off with three different shades of brown light to dark on my eye. I was inspired by one of Rihanna's eye make up looks. Oh, and I also slayed my eyebrows using Benefits Precisely My Brow Pencil,

High Brow Highlight, and Gimme Brow Gel. What do you think of the look?

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