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A Modern Day Alice in Wonderland

Hey there friends. This girl right here is moving to Los Angeles. I have spent the past week in Los Angeles, soaking in the sun, getting work done, and spending quality time with some of best friends in the world. I am so happy to make another one of the best cities in the world my new home. From Cambridge to Brooklyn to Los Angeles. Life is but a dream. Speaking of dreams I picked up this dress at Beacons Closet, one of my favorite designer and vintage thrift shops. The dress has a flirty short length, fun lace detail, and vintage big shoulders that makes me feel like a modern day Alice in Wonderland. I love the polka dots and Ferrari red color. I shot this look on a private beach in Malibu. From the sand beneath my feet, the waves crashing in the distance and the wind in my hair this shoot was magical. I paired this look with my Zara patent leather boots. I am so excited to see how my style develops in LA because as a whole people are more casual here. I want to find a happy medium between casual and my stylish vintage New York style. I am excited to have you all on this journey transitioning from New York to Los Angeles. Right now I am really vibing with these magical vintage looks that make me feel like I stepped out of a modern day fairytale.

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