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Brunching in Baby Blues & Pinks

My wonderful creator friend, Sara sent me a picture of this magical pink heaven and we both immediately knew we had to grab brunch and shoot there. It’s called Short Stories and it’s this wonderful pop up restaurant with a delicious menu. They serve brunch and dinner and the menu is from a restaurant in France called Season. It’s so wonderful to think of someone in France having the same menu as us. I loved the vibe of Short Stories. The decor was a beautiful blush and royal blue which was quaint, calming with a splotch of excitement. The music was popping and felt like a dance club which was a great energy to start the day. We decided to share a sweet entree and get our own separate savory entree. I got the Avocado Benedict and she got the Sweet Corn Fritters. We shared the French Toast. The French toast was just the perfect amount of sweet. So yummy. It was dressed in tahini sauce and Nutella which is a love story for your mouth. The food was yummy and light! And they gave us a complimentary glass of Prosecco.

About the look I’m wearing. The skirt is from Storets. It’s a wonderful baby blue that almost looks like it could be denim. It has three beautiful jewels adorning the right side and is a sexy mini length. I knew I was shooting with a mostly pink decor so I decided to pair it with my new Satin cropped cardigan with pearl and silver jewel details. I finished the look with my MIA silver slides since there are so many hints of silver in both the top and skirt I figured why not use the shoe to bring them all together. I decided to do a soft pink makeup look. My lipstick is from a wonderful women and black owned makeup brand Mented and the color is called Pretty in Pink. My eye makeup is a mixture of a Marie Dalgar palate and Sephora palate. My blush and foundation is Nars. My eyebrow makeup is a three piece Benefit cosmetics set. What do you think about the complete look?

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