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Baby Blues, Pearly Whites & Hudson Yards

Oh, Hudson Yards. What a delightful, posh mall with the most illustrious architecture and creative art installations. This is a mall you have got to check out. It’s brand new and so bright with wonderful dining and shopping options. I felt like I took a step out of New York City and into a more fantastical world while I was there. It was such a lovely experience. My favorite art installation wall was this sequin wall that you could create artistic drawings or creations. It was so beautiful seeing people of all ages gathered to create something. When I was there most of the dining options weren’t open till 5 so I wasn’t able to check them out, however The Zodiac Room in Neiman Marcus looked posh and yummy. I know I’ll be back to check out all the amazing restaurants.

This look was birthed when I picked up this blue and white skirt from Crossroads Trading Co. I was drawn to it because it reminded me so much of the Chanel skirts I love so dearly. It’s a soft baby blue color with white details. It has two delicate gold buttons and front pockets with a little fringe at the hem. I decided to pair it with my pearly white top from Mango. I have had this top for over 5 years and worn it only a handful of times. It’s so fun and went with the vibe of this skirt. I love how structured it is. You can wear it balanced equally on your shoulders or let it hang off one shoulder. I completed the look with this Mirth Williamsburg gold chain bag and my staple Die Luan Hua leather oxford broads with a gold buckle. What do you think of the look?

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