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To Cape Coats and future Superhero Powers

This Cape is one of my all time favorite purchases and one of my top 5 favorite pieces I own which is saying a lot. I picked it up a couple years back from the magical land of Beacon's Closet. It's vintage and one of a kind. I wish for the life of me I knew who the designer was because I would no doubt pick up more of their pieces. This coat is a wonderfully soft velvet material with a fur trim complete with delicate gold buttons and two front pockets. It's perfect for fall or winter. Although I'd say when I wear it in the winter I wear layers and pair it with either my long velvet or leather gloves. For my blog, I decided to pair this cape with my patent leather heeled Steve Madden boots to really extend the length of my legs in this semi-long cape. I finished the look off with this lovely animal print beret from Awoke Vintage. I can't tell you how much I've been obsessing over animal print and for me that is new. I was never into animal print. I mean never! I was excited to see so much of it the past two fashion weeks. The tulle you see in these pictures is a sneak peak to an upcoming look I am excited to feature on my blog. I've been thinking a lot lately on how important it is to be happy exactly where I am right now, today. As someone who is extremely ambitious and has goals written for myself up until my 80s I can get so lost in living in the future. I say this all to say I want to play a superhero in the future in a tv show or movie and this cape makes me feel like a badass superhero. Anyways, one of my affirmations beginning now is I am happy just as I am with the amount of wealth and success I have today. I am happy with who I am today just as I am. I feel if I continue to live so far in the what I want in the future one day I will wake up with everything I've dreamed of and I won't have been present at all for how I got there. Does anyone else relate to this? Dreaming so much of the future you aren't fully present in the NOW. Let's join together today and commit to being present and enjoying the journey! Hope you enjoyed the look and post. As always I enjoy having you along on this journey with me.

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