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Birds, Spirituality, and the Soul

I have owned this dress for quite some time now but have never properly posted about it on my blog. It is one of my go to outfits so it only felt appropriate to have it featured on my blog. I picked it up at Beacons Closet a couple years ago while shopping with one of my favorite photographers for our shoot together. It is a wonderful light tulle material. The arm fabric is see through which is a fun touch and the skirt is full and elegant. It falls right at the ankles so I don't ever have to worry about it dragging on the ground which is lovely. I decided to pair the dress with my patent leather Zara ankle boots, Hipster sunglasses borrowed from one of my favorite people on the planet, Evan Gambardella, my Woolmark beret, and finally my faux fur coat. I picked up the shoes at Crossroads Trading Co and the coat is from Beacons Closet. This dress is fantastic because it can be worn casually like in the picture, or atleast what I consider casual which I'm learning is very FAR from casual for most people. Anyway, it can be worn like this or you can dress the look up with a sleek pump or sexy heeled booty like I have done many times before. This is my favorite outfit to wear when I am going to the theater and it's been quite the hit among the theater goer crowd. My favorite parts of the dress are the birds and the flowy free nature of the fabric. As a kid I would sit in our living room or my mothers room and bird watch for hours as I took in the Charles River and Cambridge, Boston skyline. Blue Jays quickly became my favorite birds to watch. There was something royal and peaceful about them that I was most drawn too. I am a very spiritual person. I do not prescribe to any religion in particular although I must saw the one I find most attractive is Buddhism. This dress in particular makes me feel more connected to my soul, more connected to the earth and the oneness that exists in me and the universe and all the beings that make it up. I'm realizing now in writing this I want to find more pieces to add to my collection that make me feel so connected to the planet, my soul, and my spirituality. What makes you feel more connected to your soul and the planet?

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