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NYFW Day 3: Gen Z Yellow Tweed Two Piece Set

As all of you who have been following along on my fashion blog adventures, Gen Z yellow is in. I saw so much in the collections of New York Fashion Week Spring and Summer 2019. So of course I’ve been working to incorporate more of it into my wardrobe. I found this magical set made by Storets at Crossroads Trading Co. It is so incredibly warm. I paired it with a Doll's Kill lace crop that I picked up the same day from Crossroads. The jacket has inner lining making the blazer extremely warm. The skirt has a flattering circle skirt fit to it which I love with a fun pearl side button to compliment the pearly white top. I decided to finish this look with my new Zara heeled ankle booties, and Frida Kahlo earrings, and Uaia chicken purse. I had a full show day the day I wore this look so I played around with pairing it with a beret at night when it was cold and without one during the day. At night I switched out my white ankle boot for my black Prada knee high boots. I like how the lace, tweed, fridas, and gen z yellow compliment one another in this look. What do you think?

I shot this look at Brooklyn Museum which was quite a hoot. The Frida Kahlo exhibit is to die for. You have to check it out. It was so wonderful to learn so much about her life and what influenced her to be the artist she was. I loved seeing her vintage perfume and makeup, and all of the fashion pieces she wore in her day to day life. The Brooklyn Museum also has a great restaurant that me and my friend ate at after enjoying the exhibit with Mexican food inspired from the exhibit. It truly was an exhibit that appealed to all the senses including your taste buds!

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