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Finding Color in the Nude

Masha, the amazing photographer of all these photographs and I decided we wanted to do a shoot together. She sent me over her inspiration for the shoot and I absolutely adored the nude palette. Our goal during the shoot was find color and life in the nude. The tops and body suits are from Forever 21 and Uniqlo. The silk white dress is Reformation and let me tell you it's such a dream. Flattering length and sexy front split. The skirt is Wilfred from Aritzia. This shoot turned me on to wearing more nudes and browns.

The soundtrack to the magical Gris video game began to play. As the music rose and fell I was taken to another world. A world where I was a million different women and men. Where I had lived thousands of lifetimes. I saw nature in a new way. I was drawn to the discoloration of the bricks outside. I was drawn to the way the tree branches whistled and painted the morning sky. I was drawn to the extroverted pigeons flying to and fro. Everything was magical. My thoughts were alive and continuous. Most of all I felt a sense of peace and gratitude. Never underestimate the power of music to take you to another world or perhaps connect you to your soul, your truest self.

It was such a pleasure working with such a dream team of woman. I have been working with Marci for five years now. I love that we have been on this journey of life. I’ve seen her grow in so many ways personally and professionally. Through it all she has had such a grace about and positivity that is infectious. This was my first time working with Masha and it was such a delight. She has a clear vision and drive to tell a story. She is about feeling and finding meaning. It was so refreshing to not try to look beautiful but to be in touch with myself and see what came from there. If it was happiness or sadness. With a nude palette the subject became the color. We found color in the nude.

I remember the day Rihanna came out with Fenty beauty and a line of foundations colors for every skin tone. I remember the day my older sister sent me Nubian skin instagram and website, a brand that has a lingerie and hosiery for all skintones. I remember the day I went in for a Mented Cosmetics Casting and they only had to try one foundation on me to find the perfect color match. (P.S. Mented and Nubian skin are amazing black owned businesses.) I remember these days as a brown skinned woman. A woman who loves the skin I am in. I remember these days because on these days I came to the realization of what I knew all along. That nude exists on a spectrum. One that I am and my brown brothers and sisters are included in. I remember these days in my life because on these days I felt included. I felt loved. I felt appreciated. And I want everyone to feel that way. No matter what skin you are in. You are included. You are loved. You are appreciated.

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