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The Belt of My Dreams

When I say I have been looking for a belt like the one I’m wearing with this outfit for FOREVER I am not exaggerating one bit. Ever since I saw Camila Coehlo, my main blogger style inspiration wearing a bunch of these sexy corset belts I’ve been searching near and far for one of my own. This belt is from the magical Acne Studios. It’s leather and so wonderfully detailed. There is a great cross cross pattern across the front and gold stone in the back. It has three adjustable options which is perfect for days I wear it with a sweater versus days I wear it with a thinner top or dress. This belt is one of my favorite pieces of my collection. I guess when you finally find the one, you just know. It feels right. I decided to create a look around this perfect Acne belt. I recently picked up this red, black, and white Maje mini skirt and envisioned of pairing it with a heavy black turtleneck sweater that I had found at Crossroads Trading co. The belt gave me the desired curves I was looking to create with this look. I decided to wear my staple Prada boots and American Apparel thigh high socks since it’s winter and I knew I wanted to shoot this look outside. I finished the look with this black and red leather Kent Stetson bag and my staple black Nordstrom Rack French beret.

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