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Gen Z Yellow

I was browsing through Storets; one of my favorite online retailers, new collection when I came across this perfect yellow skirt. The mini skirt was the mini skirt of my dreams with a fun ruffle bottom and two front pockets. I have been looking to add more Gen Z yellow to my collection since I saw so much of it at fashion week so I was excited to discover this fabulous skirt in such a trendy color. I knew immediately I wanted to pair it with my simple white pearl blouse that I found at Crossroads Trading Co. a few days before. As you can see I couldn’t quite decide what shoes to pair the look with so I tried out both my Prada boots and white oxford broads by Die Liam Hua. The Oxford look is more of a spring look and the Prada book look is more of a fall, winter look. I finished the look with my favorite chicken purse from Uaia. I decided to shoot this cosmopolitan look at the fun New York City hub Grand central terminal.

I shared this on Instagram but I feel like sharing here as well. A magical thing happened before I took these pictures. I was standing in Grand Central with Sara chatting and laughing. If you know me well, you know I get distracted when I’m talking to anyone. I get so swept up in their world and mine and all else becomes a blur. So I put my phone down on the surface you see in the picture and as and we are about to start taking some pictures a women approaches us. She asks me if I put my cell phone down and then tells me a man has just taken it. About 500 paces a way I see a man slowly shuffling away. He’s almost around the corner. And if you know Grand Central it’s always a swarm of people. I run after him full speed in my heels and as I approach, I tap him on the shoulder and gently ask him for my self phone back and he takes it out of his pocket, says a confused “Oh” and gives it back to me. It was a strange encounter indeed. I then run back thank the women and hug her for being so kind. I try to remain unattached to material things but my cellphone had all of my important cards in the back of it (something I learned I needed to change) but these days our phones are everything. I’m very very grateful for that women and all of the moments like that where we help one another out as humans sharing this planet.

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