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When Blair Waldorf, Jackie Kennedy & Hilary Banks Walk into a Bar?

This classic look has been a staple for me this winter. I am a sucker for staying warm while still showing some skin. I purchased this top first. It is from one of my favorite online retail stores, Storets. From the cute pearl buttons with a gold outer layer, to the plain white cuffs and collar, to the sparkly black frame this top is the epitome of class. It reminds me of the Chanel blouses I love so dearly. The top is comfy and I love layering it. In fact in these photos I have a lighter thermal sweater underneath to ensure that I am warm in these early winter months. I knew I wanted to pair this skirt with a mini skirt and so when I found this Talula wool shirt from Aritzia. I could sense I had found a match for this perfect blouse. The skirt is flattering, falls right above the knee and has two fun front pockets and a zipper in the back. I was excited to see when I got home the skirt and blouse paired perfectly with one another. My staple this winter are thigh high socks. They enable me to wear skirts even in the coldest of weather. The thigh high socks are from American Apparel. I layered them. I'm wearing two in these pictures. I threw on my American Apparel oxford broads that have a suede front and a patent leather back. They are comfortable but still chic enough for this look. I finished the look with my vintage Faux fur coat with a fox fur collar from Beacons Closet and French Beret hat from Nordstrom. This look is inspired by the fictional characters Blair Waldorf and Hilary Banks and the legendary Jackie Kennedy. What do you think?

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