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Sometimes it's Black and White with a Touch of Green, My Darling

This look reminds me of something Blair Waldorf and her minions would wear on Gossip Girl. I am a Gossip Girl lover. I love the fashion and the drama. This look whispers young New York socialite to me. I bought the black and white Rimiss houndstooth mini skirt a while back. I have been looking for something to pair it with for a while now. I normally don't mix patterns but I had a vision of pairing this with my Commes De Garcons x HM black and white polka dot blouse. I tried it on and it was unique and fun and different from my usual aesthetic. And I really kind of loved it. Since I was already pushing boundaries with the skirt blouse duo I decided to wear this wonderful green French beret with a turquoise green lip that pops. I decided to finish the look with my staple Prada knee high boots.

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