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Bell Sleeves of the Ball

This look is colorful and I love it. When I spotted this burgundy, Elan bell sleeved sweater I instantly liked it. It's fun, flirty, cute, not to mention warm. I really love fun sleeves which is something you might have begun to pick up on. I decided to pair this sweater with a new Sandro mini skirt I just picked up. The mini skirt has hints of muted orange, beige, cream, burgundy, navy blue, silver and black. At the hemline of the skirt is a fun striped dark wash and light wash denim. I love the fit. It makes me look like I have a nice size booty and that's all I can ask for in a form fitting mini skirt. I decided to pair this sweater and mini skirt with my winter staple Prada knee high boots. I finished the look with my new navy Woolmark French beret hat. Can you tell I've spent the past three years around a lot of French people? Boy do I love French food, French people and the beautiful French language.

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