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Little White Dress

This look that I created with Olivia in collaboration with The Op Shop is the most me. I am a sucker for short dresses. They make my small frame pop and make me look like I have legs for days. So of course the moment Joanna and Olivia showed me this Wednesday Vintage dress I knew it would be perfect not only for our shoot but also for my personal closet. It is a nice off white, cream color, a nice rougher fabric, and falls three to four inches above the knee. It also has six faux buttons off to the left hand side that give it a flirty and feminine feel. We decided to pair the dress with a bucket bag from Velvet Home Collective that I spotted on one of the bag shelves and really just fell in love with. It's deep enough to fit all of the essentials for a day or night out on the town. There is a strap as well as a handle depending on your needs. We completed the look with the Vintspiration lace up booties with a cute shaped heel. This look is definitely one of the more modern looks from the shoot.

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