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She's A Librarian In the Streets

This look whispers librarian in the 50s to me. In fact, this look made me feel most like a character in a film. Out of the 10 looks Olivia and I created in collaboration with The Op Shop this made my imagination run wild. From the knee length turquoise skirt by Vintspiration with green , white, yellow, and pink details to the delicate blouse by Videre Vintage with a flirty but conservative collar design. The lace up shoes by Vintspiration took on a different role with this look paired with this tweed skirt and blouse. The odd shaped heel made the look a bit more youthful and edgy. For the day I go in for Mad Men or a tv show with that vibe I'll definitely bring in these pictures to prove I am perfect for that era. There was something dangerous about wearing such a conservative look and then standing, sitting, and lying in the street. What story do these pictures evoke in your imagination?

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