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Vintage Denim for Fall

Here is the second look I created with Olivia in collaboration with Joanna and the glorious vintage shop, The Op Shop. When Olivia pulled this denim dress for me to try on I had a small orgasm. It was everything I dreamed of and fit my aesthetic perfectly. I just held my breath hoping it would fit me in the way I envisioned it in my minds eye and it did! I don't wear longer dresses often but as the winter is fast approaching this dress is perfect. I can layer it with things, unbutton it and wear it as a duster or wear it as I have in the photos. The dress of course is from the stylish Joanna who seems to have the same body type as me so I can fit the things from her rack at The Op Shop. A luxury I feel so lucky to have as she is a vintage queen of style. Her vintage line is called Videre Vintage. I knew as soon as I tried on the dress I wanted to pair it with a belt and so when I saw this sitting on the shelf amongst the other accessories I knew the two would fit like peanut butter and jelly. This belt is Ostrich skin, a piece from Earthly Delights Vintage rack, and a wonderful muted mustard shade, yellow ochre goldenrod color. I finished the look with these oxford broads I came across a while back but never had the chance to wear from Die Luan Hua. The shoes I picked up from Crossroads Trading Co. They are one of a kind with a white leather outer layer, gold ring detail on the top, and a dark wooden heel. After the shoot I bought this denim dress especially since denim is still very in and making even more of an appearance in the coming spring and summer of 2019. What do you think of the second look we created together?

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