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A Field of Greens and Blues

Last weekend I had the gift of collaborating with one of my all time favorite photographers, Olivia Edvalson and a wonderful vintage shop in Rochester, The Op shop. Together we created 10 different looks with pieces mainly from the vintage shop. I always love shooting with Olivia because the looks we create make me feel like a character in a film. We always have a blast during our shoots and love what we create together. It was so wonderful collaborating with Joanna the creator of the Op Shop. I am a huge thrifter and considering making it a life style and not buying new anymore. I am obsessed with Beacons Closet and Crossroads and finding vintage designer and luxury items. So of course when Olivia told me about Joanna and the Op shop, I fell in love immediately. We spent Friday trying pieces and creating 10 different looks. The cool thing about the Op Shop is it has racks from various different vintage sellers. I have to say I had the best shopping experience here. Everything fit me just right and we found so many colorful pieces which both Olivia and I love. Joanna has an eye for putting things together, I’m all about creating looks that create a character (I'm an actor) and Olivia has an uncanny ability to match colors not only in clothing pieces but with locations and in post during the editing period. Together we were unstoppable. I truly felt like we were a group of superheroes!

Here is the first look Olivia, Joanna and I created in collaboration with The Op Shop. We really wanted to explore playing with color for all of the looks. We started with the shorts which are a cute cut and give a very 1950s vibe. The shorts are a wonderful shade of evergreen and have a beautiful corduroy fabric. The shorts have delicate pleat details and an elegant cuffing at the bottom creating such a perfect balance between the masculine and feminine. The vintage seller of the shorts is Vintspiration who is also the seller of the lace up boots that have a very Victorian vibe. The boots are leather and very comfortable with a fun shaped heel. You will be seeing a lot of these boots as they are the constant in most of the looks. They were just so appropriate for the era and vibe most of the looks we created gave off.

The blouse is from Velvet Home Collective. It was a softer fabric, almost silky or satin in texture. It is light and seems to flow with the wind. The flower detail complimented the shorts and location of the shoot. The collar is thick and comfy. We finished the look with a perfect for fall beige trench by Wednesday Vintage. It is such a wonderful length. The fabric is light for those fall days that fall between 50 and 60 degrees.

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