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Fashion is my Favorite F* Word

I learned about this wonderful laundry mat and arcade duo from my wonderful fellow actress friend Sara and knew we had to shoot there. I wanted to play with wearing your staple all black chic, classy, fashion forward New York look.

I created this look starting off with this absolutely badass top. I mean come on. Isn’t it just darling? Layana Aguilar designed this wonderful shirt that any fashion obsessed person can relate to on a spiritual level. Fashion truly is my favorite F word. Since this shirt is screaming cool vibes it only felt right to pair it with this Guess leather mini skirt. I’ve owned this beauty for two or three years but never had the perfect thing to pair it with. In fact my friends have worn this skirt more than I have. I love the zippers, length, and asymmetrical cuts. I decided to finish the look with my Prada boots which you all have see before on my blog to create a sexy, chic look. The bra is Calvin Klein of course. It’s comfy and snug as a bug in a rug.

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