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90% Slytherin, 10% Gryffindor

I walked into Primark with my sister to grab a few fun graphic t-shirts to pair with some looks for my blog. Primark is so wonderfully affordable. I got my favorite Mickey Mouse onesie from there. They always have great collaborations with Disney and Marvel and have the cutest onesies, graphic t-shirts that are Disney or marvel themed. The moment I walked into the store I spotted a Harry Potter collaboration and I just about fainted. As I gathered myself and worked through how excited I was I picked a variety of accessories and clothing pieces to mix and match. These two looks felt most like me but guys there was so much more. The Virgo in me heavily relates to and believes at heart I am a Slytherin but the Leo in me deeply relates to the Gryffindor house. I’m probably 90/10. P.S. I’m a cusp baby so I live somewhere between Virgo and Leo for those of you who get into astrology.

Look 1 This Primark leotard was one of the first Harry Potter themed pieces I saw and I was in love. I instantly knew that I wanted to pair it with my American apparel body hugging mini skirt. As I continued to walk around the Harry Potter collaboration section of the store I spotted this magical Slytherin headband. I knew I had to add it to the look. I am a Slytherin through and through. Because I was going for a young, school girlish look I wanted to finish the look with the Slytherin colored socks and American Apparel oxford broads. These shoes stuck out to me at the store because they were a beautiful mix of masculine and feminine and suede and patent leather. I love the duality of life and when it is exhibited in fashion

Look 2 For my Gryffindor look I decided to go with this red and white striped shirt dress. I had to of course pair it with the Gryffindor colored socks. I decided to wear my Glaze platform sandals to give it an edgier preppy look. Then I finished the look with this beautiful bag that you will probably see a lot more of on my blog. I mean who can resist a cross body Hogwarts purse.

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