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If the Beatles were Gals

I have been looking for high waisted denim bell bottom flares for months now so when I came across these Rolla jean beauties I really just died. It was a match made in heaven. They are exactly what I was looking for. I have been looking to add more dark wash denim pants to my wardrobe. They are uber flare and hug your beautiful bum and upper thigh in all of the right ways. I decided to pair the jeans with a lace body suit by ASTR the Label. It's the perfect touch of feminine energy to compliment the vintage rustic feel of the high waisted flare jeans. As you can see I decided to remain barefoot. It's what felt right with this free spirited, Beatles inspired look.

Fun fact about me. I love blogging because it combines all of the loves of my life. I am an actress first and I am totally in love with playing different characters, stepping into the shoes of people different from myself. Being a fashion blogger allows me to play dress up on a regular basis, creating a character with each outfit. Just like in acting with each character I play I illuminate some part of myself the same is true for fashion blogging. Each outfit is a different side of me. Blogging also gives me a chance to model one of the other loves of my life. My 1st grade teacher predicted I would be a model after having a girls photo shoot one day. She told my mom I just came alive in front of the camera. I love shooting outfits for my blog, picking a location that feels like it fits the mood of the outfit and really quite literally stepping into the shoes of the character and pose accordingly. Lastly, blogging allows me to be in touch with my absolute love for fashion and beautiful well made higher end clothing. Fashion and my appreciation for it has never been superficial. Style and fashion is an art to me, a form of an expression, a way in which I communicate with the world and the people around me.

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