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Face Wash Favorites

I always wash my face directly after removing my makeup with Neutrogena makeup wipes. These are my go to face washes. I like to pair the heavier face washes (Belif and Neutrogina) with the lighter ones (Eucerin and Caudalie) I'll begin with the heavier face wash to really remove the makeup and excess dirt from the day. Then I use the lighter wash to leave my skin feeling pampered and refreshed. My favorite pairings are Neutrogena with Caudalie and Belif with Eucerin.


Wonderful foam cleanser. I use it about 3 times a week. It's super light and airy. It has a simple smell, nothing overwhelming in the slightest bit. It is uber refreshing and soothing. Definitely a light massage for the face.


I am a loyal Neutrogena user. I love their soaps, lotions, makeup wipes, and the list goes on. They just really do wonders for us gals with sensitive, dry skin. This face wash is a bit thicker and like Belif really removes any excess makeup I have on my face and all the pollutants I've gathered throughout the day.


This face wash has got to be my favorite out of the four. It's heavier. It really works itself into a soapy lather. I feel this face wash is the best at really removing all the dirt, grease, and grime that my skin has collected throughout the day.


I love this face wash. It's light, has no scent, and does the job. I started using Eucerin products back when I had ezcema as a kid and have been loyal to them ever since. Their lotions are thick and very moisturizing as well and great for all of those people out there like me with sensitive skin.

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