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Vintage Girl: She Belongs in a Different Era

I picked up this fun romper a few days ago at Beacon's Closet which I'm sure by now you have noticed is one of my favorite places to shop. I was looking for more summer pieces to add to my wardrobe when I came across this flirty romper. This season I have been adding more and more blue to my wardrobe color palette. This romper has a lot of fun, simple, vintage details. You've got the lace collar, the line of buttons down the middle, the small white polka dots, and the dainty little flower designs. It's light, airy and flattering. I loved this piece so much I changed into it the moment I got home and wore it for the rest of the day. From the moment I stepped out of my apartment to when I returned I was complimented multiple times. This romper feels like a dress and looks like a dress but isn't meaning I can do a cartwheel in it whenever I want. I like the vintage feel to the dress. I feel like I'm in a different era wearing it. I think my favorite thing about fashion and clothing is that every piece makes me feel like a different character and that's so fun. Picking out what I am going to wear is always about how I feel and which character or part of myself I want the world to see me is that day.

I decided to pair this romper with my Prada knee high kitten heel boots. I got these a while back and this is the first time I have worn them. I was waiting for the perfect thing to match them with and this romper felt appropriate. These Prada shoes really hug my leg and make this look very mature and sophisticated which I love. I finished the look with Rihanna's Fenty red lip.

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