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Skater Girl meets Alexander Wang

I have been looking to add more Alexander Wang pieces to my wardrobe for quite sometime but haven't found a piece until now that felt like me. I spotted this dress within minutes of exploring the racks of Beacons Closet and completely fell head over heels. I loved the crispness of the fabric, the short length, and the asymmetrical cuts. Alexander Wang is all about asymmetry and I am so here for it! This dress is so versatile and can be worn multiple ways. You can tie the two pieces on the side creating a bow and a cleaner more elegant look or you can let them hang creating a more casual look. I decided to explore and create two looks with this dress just changing the accessories.

I decided to pair this dress with some blush pink Vans and a fun pink, blue, orange print clutch for the first look. The bag is handmade by a Boston artist, Angelique DeVitte. Her clutches are wonderful. My older sister bought this for me a while back for my birthday. Her pieces are great because she paints the inside cloth and then puts it in the plastic. Each design is unique and very colorful which I love. I don't wear a lot of accessories so I like to play around with fun, unique, scene stealing bags and purses. I have been in the market for some Vans ever since I came back from LA and so when I spotted these I had to get them. I've really been into the color blush lately. Having these shoes be the perfect fit was like finding out the glass slipper was a 7.5.

For my second look I decided to wear my Steve Madden platform sneakers. Let me tell you these are some of the most comfortable shoes I have worn in quite some time. I finished the look with my statement piece, Aldo Shoes clear purse with sequins. My fabulous and wonderful old roommate gave this as a gift to me after an Aldo Shoes fashion week event.

Photos by: Evan Gambardella (

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