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Vintage Bell Bottom Suedes

I’ve been in the market for some fun bell bottoms for a while now. I’ve had my eyes peeled for some for a few months now so you can imagine when I tried these on and they fit like I glove I was delighted. I found these while shopping on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles with one of my besties. The search isn’t quite over because now that I have these I want more. I’m in the market now for a pair of extreme denim high waisted bell bottoms so if you have and info about where to get those, babe, please email me. Anyways, these pants are suede and feel so good. The maker of these pants is Honey Belle.They really make your bum look beautiful. I feel like they make me proud that of all those squats I did in my kickboxing days. They are also super comfy and the color stripes give you an endless amount of color tops to pair it with.

I paired it with my Free People beach cream top. Together they create a very free spirited bohemian vibe which is always my mood when I’m in LA. I decided to finish the look with a tan Steve Madden 4 inch bootie that gives me that long and leggy look.

For all you peeps visiting LA like me and looking for places to shop, look no further than Melrose Avenue. All your needs will be met there.

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