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What happens when Romeo & Juliet Travel to Santa Monica?

I saw this Romeo and Juliet couture dress a couple years back on one of my favorite models Jourdan Dunn so when I spotted in the store I died. I’m like a cat. I have nine lives and clothing pieces that are extremely beautiful often take me to the grave and then I rise from the dead just in time for me to spot another fashion piece that sends me back to heaven. It's a wild life I lead. I blame my being dramatic on being an actress. I've been in the business since I was eight. Dramatics is in my blood. I love that the dress fit like a glove. The blood red color is beautiful and the intricate lace pattern is elegant, sexy and seductive. I have been looking for some time for the perfect little red dress and finally found one to replace my last one. I decided to pair this dress with my Intentionally Blank lace up heeled shoes. I practiced ballet back in my earlier years so I have like 100 versions of this shoe. I love shoes that make me feel like I’m wearing dance or pointe shoes.

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