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Lady in Red

Hey there friends. So this is my first official fashion blog post and I am SUPER excited to go on this journey and have you join me. This outfit is totally the epitome of my style. I am American Apparel's number 1 fan. I own almost every piece of their collection. I kid you not, I really do. Their skirts and pants fit me like a glove and appeal to my 90s school girl vibe. So, of course when they were closing all of their stores I picked up this skirt in a few different colors. It's everything I love in a skirt. It's super light, airy, flirty and fun. I got this wonderful velvet crop top at one of my go to thrift shops Crossroads. It's made by a local California designer called Better Be. I am a velvet fiend. I mean how can you not be? It's so soft and makes you feel so good.

I picked up the shoes at Steve Madden. One of the New York locations was shutting down and selling all of the merchandise for super cheap. I got these shoes for $25. Crazy, huh? I am all about finding sweet deals on luxury items. I spent over an hour in the Steve Madden store and left with 4 wonderful pair of shoes, these included. So you're probably wondering are these shoes easy to walk in or comfortable? They are SO comfortable and I feel so grounded walking in them. I feel like I am walking on air. It truly feels just like walking in any other pair of sneakers. I'm 5'4'' and these shoes give me height that heels do and I am all about having the height without the pain of a heeled shoe. Also, these shoes are a total show stopper. I got so many compliments the day I wore them. SO many people asking to take my photo and where they could pick up a pair. Platform sneakers are so fun and can make any dressy look more of a casual fashionable look.

Now let's get to the chicken purse created by Uaia. This will go down in history as one of my all time favorite purchases. I bought it while on a wonderful vacation in Cartagena, Colombia with one of my dear friends. We went to a Colombian artisinal fair and I spotted this magical bag. I knew it when I saw it that I had to make it mine. I met the designers of the bag, this wonderful couple that makes matching bags for moms and their daughters. I can't wait to buy my future daughter her little chicken purse. This is another piece of my wardrobe that when I wear it I have to allot a certain amount of time in my schedule to being stopped by passerby's stopping me to ask where I picked up such a fun, unique bag. I wore this purse to a couple of my New York Fashion week shows and it was a complete show stopper.

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