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New York Fashion Week Adventures

Claudia Li's SS17 Collection

There are an abundant amount of things that I loved about Claudia Li’s NYFW SS17 collection but two in particular really set her apart from all of the other shows I attended. Claudia’s collection featured a plethora of oversized, boxy trenches and two-piece sets that were a beautiful mix of masculine and feminine. If you’re anything like me and you don’t quite like conforming to the confines of what society deems appropriate for what a woman should wear versus what a man should wear you will absolutely adore this perfectly androgynous collection. Let’s be honest, androgyny is the new black and I am it’s biggest fan. In addition to her theme of androgyny, Claudia’s collection introduced to fashion the remarkable new ways to drape denim. She used a variety of color and embroidery techniques to create pieces made out of denim the likes of which have never quite been seen before. The denim seemed to come alive. Claudia opened me up and I am sure she opened the eyes of many others to the vast possibilities of what you can do with a piece of denim fabric.

Mulhier's SS17 Collection

​I’m not sure I have fallen so head over heels for a designer's collection quite like I did for Mulhier’s NYFW SS17 collection. I swear to you that I would wear and let’s be frank, plan to own most of, or all of the pieces in her collection. Her collection was made up of bandeau tops, culotte pants, leotards, and one piece jumpsuits featuring sharp cuts and sexy, feminine splits. The color palette of the collection was perfect for your modern New York socialite. Her collection consisted of mainly neutral and black and white that you could mix and match with one another. She did slip in a small pop of mauve and a very pale pink that could almost pass for nude. The careful combination of stunning, strong models, Beyonce’s “Freedom” playing loudly in the foreground, and the quote, “She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible. She walked with the universe on her shoulders and made it look like a pair of wings.” sent a very clear message of the strength of the modern woman. This collection had me believing in love at first sight again.

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