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The Huntington Gardens: Pretty in Pink Princesses

I must start by saying the Huntington Library & Gardens is such a dream. I visited the gardens with my Virgo twin friend, Maria. We got tickets the night before, which I highly suggest, so you can just breeze through check in. Upon entering we were greeted by security who checked our bags. We had a picnic basket to use as a prop for our photoshoot, but outside food is not allowed so the security checked our picnic basket to make sure we didn’t have any outside food with us. The security also made sure we didn’t have a change of clothing with us. He was thrown off by my flower crowns that were in the picnic basket as he thought they were outfits. Which truly makes no sense. I had to explain to him what a flower crown is.

So, for any fellow models and/or creators if you’re looking to shoot multiple looks just a heads up on this policy of bringing a second look to change into. I’d suggest leaving the second look in the car and then stepping out to change and then reenter. I believe the tickets are good for all day. Once we got past security we checked in and showed our ticket barcodes to the attendant and went right in. Make sure to grab a map on your way in. We were so eager to explore the gardens it totally slipped our minds. But I always like an adventure and being map less ensured we would go on an adventure and let the gardens guide us in whatever direction they saw fit.

We spent from noon to 3pm at the gardens and had the glorious opportunity to stroll and take pictures in the Garden Sculptures & Fountains, The Shakespeare Garden (always a must see for me because I am a theater and Shakespeare girl through and through, my first play at 8 years old was A Midsummer Night’s Dream), The Rose Garden, The Camellia Garden, The Palm Garden, and The California Garden. Just for context there are 16 gardens at The Huntington Library and Garden, and we explored 6 of them in the three hours we spent there.

You can truly spend all day at The Huntington Library and Garden. In fact, I suggest it. Next time I adventure there I am going to make sure I have nothing planned all day except to enjoy the beautiful smells of all the herbs, flowers, trees, and plants and the soft quietness of the gardens. Because the gardens are so big it didn’t feel crowded at all. Each garden felt like its own little world, its own little oasis. The air was so fresh and crisp. My lungs felt nourished and could really expand and thrive. They were living their best life in this garden. If you all have been following me for a while or know me personally you know I feel a special connection to my lungs and my breath post my lung collapse. My lungs are so sensitive, and I feel so at home in places with fresh, crisp, healing air.

Anyways, I digress. Now for what you have all been waiting for. Maria and I had a whole princess in pink fashion moment in the pictures you see. Our looks brought a lot of smiles to the children and adults faces alike. One of the reasons I enjoy wearing fun fairytale like pieces is not only how much joy it gives me but also how much joy it gives the people around me that I encounter. I have had so many wonderful conversations with strangers and so many lovely adventures that were all started from my fun fairytale princess dresses.

As you can see, I am wearing one of my favorite new dresses, a ballet slipper long pink organza dress with a ruffled fem at the bottom. It falls right above the ankles. The bodice is form fitting, snug but not tight and a square design. The puffy shoulders are so darling. I am a HUGE fan of puffy or wildly extravagant shoulder tops, dresses, and pieces. The bigger the better. I paired my dress with some clear glass slippers, a flower crown, and a clutch with a beaded flower design. The look just wouldn’t be complete without the accessories. I truly felt like a doll.

My dear friend Maria let me style her. I sent her a bunch of the princess dresses I have and of course with her impeccable Virgo taste she picked one of my favorite dresses.

It is a long pink dress with fuzzy polka dot designs and a bow around the waist. She paired it with her hip lace black choker and platform sandals. And the look would not be complete without the most fabulous eye catching furry pink sunglasses. The sunglasses modernized the look in the most eccentric way. I loved how the vintage dress juxtaposed the modern celebrity style oversized sunglasses look. And Maria just pulled off the look so well. I was truly obsessed with her and look and how we both existed in the princess world but like we were totally different kinds of princesses.

I hope you enjoyed our pretty in pink princess looks as much as we did frolicking around the gardens. I highly recommend checking out The Huntington Gardens. You will fall in love and if you have already been you already know what I am talking about and have engaged in your own love affair with the gardens. What a perfect, serene, reflective start to the day and hustle and bustle that is life in Los Angeles and the rest of the world. Ta ta for now.

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