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Selima's Current Skincare Product Faves

So I wanted to expand my fashion blog to more than just fashion and talk about all things skincare. In this post I want to share with you all my current three favorite products I am using. I started my skincare journey a few months ago and am learning so much. I put on my vision board that I wanted to develop a skincare routine, really take better care of my skin, and have skin to write home about.

I was at my family reunion this past week. My extended family is huge y'all and a majority of my relatives are 60+ and let me tell you they all look FANTASTIC. I found out through my grandfather while driving to the family reunion cookout with him, my grandmother, and my mom that my grandmother has an hour long skincare routine that she does before she goes to bed every night. That is dedication ladies and gentlemen. When I heard that it came as no surprise that my grandmother as well as my other grand aunts and uncles seem to never age. In addition to continuing to stay active into their 90s and 100s they take care of their skin and bodies and that is so admirable. Anyway that was a huge side note, but below are short videos of my three favorite skincare products and little reviews for you to enjoy. My skin is dry and sensitive and I have been feeling a lot better about my skin after incorporating these products into my routine.

Stay tuned. My next skincare post will be about my exact day and night skincare routine, how it came to be (a lot of advice and help from my skincare guru friends), and each and every one of the products I use.

Sunday Riley's C.E.O. moisturizer is fantastic. It smells like oranges. It glides on your skin easily leaving it feeling moisturized and hydrated. It's a moisturizer that I have experienced truly lasts for hours. I love wearing this moisturizer on my non-make up days or wearing it as a base to my foundation. It smells like spring and feels like heaven. Truly a wonderfully hydrating product. I, 100% recommend it.

This Clarins toner is fantastic. I apply it directly after I remove my make up and wash my face. I am a huge tea girl and am all about smells and how they make you feel. I love this toner because it smells like chamomile. It's so refreshing and calming. This toner provides just the right amount of hydration you need after cleansing your face of all of the toxins it's picked up throughout the day. It's so soothing. I love anything that makes me feel more grounded, at peace, and one with the Earth and this toner does just that. It's also perfect for my extremely dry skin. In fact, don't tell anyone but sometimes I like to use it on my body as well. The bottle is also quite a steal. You get 200 mL for $26 and it lasts for quite some time. P.S. I need a new manicure. Excuse my nails in this video.

As most of you know I am also an actress and every so often I will appear on Saturday Night Live which is always a wild and fun ride. The wonderful women who has been doing my makeup on and off at NBC for Saturday Night Live always uses this wonderful lip balm on me. It only took two times for her to use this product on me before I ordered it. Erbaviva's balm worked wonders not only in the winter but also in the summer. Once again it smells heavenly, herbal almost which as a huge tea girl I'm into. It's got the soothing smells of lavender, and chamomile to really calm down your dry lips. I mainly use it on my lips but it is also fantastic for dry hands which you better believe I have every so often.

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